Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Video Instructions

I've had some requests recently to explain how to make a video like the one above. This isn't a normal photomom101 topic, but I am happy to share how I did it. The only thing is, you'll have to own and have some knowledge of a video editing program to do it like I did.

First I took a bunch of pictures (obviously.) The only trick there is too take them continuously and make sure your settings aren't changing around too much on each shot. You may want to use manual mode, and will probably need to turn off auto ISO if you typically have it on.

Once I have the pictures, I import them into my video software (Final Cut Pro, for me,) and I set the import settings to create stills that are three frames long. So I end up with a bunch of pictures that become video clips all 1/10 of a second long.

Then I drop all these pictures into the timeline, add a title and some music and it's done. So if you've got video software, take a few thousand pictures and give it a try. Then load it on youtube and let us all know so we can watch it.