Friday, July 17, 2009

Travel Photography Tips: Paraguay

I spent the last week with some missionaries in the Chaco region of Paraguay. Here are a few pictures I took and some travel photography tips to go along with them.
1. If you want to take pictures of a person close by, ask permission. I've rarely had people tell me no. This guy seemed flattered. You can typically get better pictures if you aren't trying to disguise the fact that you are taking them.
2. Spend time walking. As you walk you have more time to look around and it's easier to stop and take a picture. Take your time so you can take it all in.
3. In my experience kids love to see pictures of themselves, so show them the pictures you are taking. In poorer areas especially, some kids have never seen themselves on a camera. These boys would jump this string and then huddle around me to see themselves in mid-air (even though I couldn't speak a word of their tribal language.)
4. Whether you are traveling or not, the best time to take pictures on a clear day is when the sun is low in the sky (morning or evening.) Take advantage of what people call "the golden hour."