Friday, October 30, 2009

RSS Feeds

This post isn't really about photography, but it is for you.  If you read this blog, or any other one on a regular basis, you should know about RSS feeds.  (Especially if you read a lot of blogs.)  If you don't know what RSS is, then watch this helpful video on youtube.

Then if you want to subscribe to Photomom101, click on the orange icon in the side bar with the label "Subscribe to Photomom101 via RSS."  Also if you are already subscribed to our RSS feed, please do us a favor by re-subscribing through the link in the sidebar (and deleting your old one.)  This will help us to know how many people are subscribed and what people are interested in.  (Don't worry, it won't put a virus on your computer or anything, it will just let us know statistics on how many people are reading our feed.)  Thanks.